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Marian Nance

Great and timely story. You know the Greek word panemons means 'pertaining to all people.' It's a real eye opener, this pandemic. While it causes mayhem the world over, it also makes us unit in our efforts to fight it.

Myranette Robinson

What a story. It's to remind us that life goes on. Funny, I was halfway watching Book TV last night and it was featuring non fiction writing about the same subject of your book. The best takeaway was that the actions in all realms of life was virtually the same as they are now.


I just got your book in the mail and I am already on Chapter 5. I am enjoying the book. Its a nice way to get a different perspective on today's times of being afraid to get sick, being around others cautiously and reflection. Knowing our elders have lived through a pandemic before, gives hope on getting through this one. One of my favorite sayings, this too shall pass, is now my mantra as we continue getting through time of uncertainty.

Kenneth Shaw

In this time of distance to remember we are all in this together is an awesome think about that moment.

Elizabeth Wunsch

In January my brother sent me a documentary on the 1918 pandemic.
Philadelphia was ravaged. Our family lived just across the Hudson from NYC.
Others in Brooklyn. They all survived.
Just got this on Kindle.
Wonderful reflection.

Elizabeth Wunsch

Read the book. Loved it!

Sally Borg

This is so timely. Thank you.

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