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Nancy Allen Wolter

You are so funny in describing the hand washing, the sanitizing, the paranoia!!!!

Nancy Wolter


I went through one of those kinds of appointments! Safe to Skype.

Marian Nance

A wonderful account of what we are going through right now and what lies ahead when the world survives this Corona flu. It all feels like a science fiction story from the X-files. And Agent Moulder hasn't quite discovered the "TRUTH" but it's out there. Well written.!

Rhonda Brewer

Wow. It is so crazy how our lives changed so quickly. I wonder how many alternative procedures will remain post-pandemic?

Dee Dee

Myranette, every time you came in contact with something or someone I wondered if the nurses would sanitize themselves or the object.

Kathy E

Thank you for the informative and insightful preview of doctor visits. I too wonder what our future doctor visits hold. I too keep getting emails and texts to come for my physical! Aren't they too busy with really sick people?

Kenneth Shaw

The new normal or should have been this way all along? Great story.

Elizabeth Wunsch

So Sterile. Everything on the outside is so sterile. Forcing us to go inside ourselves. Great story. Still surprised they hadn't canceled your appointment. Happy you are a healthy being!

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