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Dee Dee

Elizabeth, your story tugged at my heart strings. Andre House has a wonderful storyteller in you to tell these stories.

Myranette Robinson

WOW! the work you and other agencies do is amazing. You put a person in place where others just see a label. Keep telling these stories so that others might see that homelessness affects people and not just some abstract category.


Yes. I will share. I will get the link from you on Tuesday. Also, I'll get information on how to call my councilperson and what might be effective. Thank you for this post.

Marian Nance

A story that needs more visiblity and support. My heart goes out everytime I see a person like David. And my heart leaps with joy when I know there are folks and organizations like yours trying to make a differnce. Will spread the word for more support. Wishing you more support in everyway possible. How does one make noncash contributions like socks etc.?

Kathy E

Your compassionate and well written post gave me so many insights into the homeless.

Thank you - for the work you do and the voice you share!

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