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Marian Nance

Kate, Your blog was full of pearls of storytelling wisdom. I always enjoy your postings. They are just as fulfilling as hearing one of your wonderful stories. Looking forward to hearing many, many more. A big fan.


Oh how I wish I'd been there to cheer you on and hear your story. I've learned from you from the very first you told a story. I think you're magical. And everytime you or one of our other storytelling family Tells, I think,'Yeah, I can be brave, too.' On the date thing: I'm forever telling people a typical Storytelling Event is a cheap, fun date. And sometimes they give you food. What's not to love? So yes, I want to be on your permanent mailing list for the times you'll be telling.

Dee Dee

Kate, I definitely want to be there to cheer for you when you tell next time.
BTW I love the way your niece started her story.

Gloria S

Kate, of course you are always growing as a storyteller! I saw and heard your growth from 1st story to last story in one semester. Congratulations for getting out there with your stories!

Myranette Robinson

Your post made me remember when I "discovered" storytelling. The story of your niece knowing how to start a story reminded me that I discovered storytelling when I was about her age and the joy I felt when rediscovering it as an adult. Keep telling, and remember that you have a community here that will always love to support you.

Kathy E

Kate, just like all the other comments, you are amazing! I enjoy your stories and insights. It is always fun to have someone to support your performances. That is one of the many things I most enjoy about the storytelling community.

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