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Rhonda Brewer

I think everyone has a story about their first car. Your story brought back memories of mine-1964 Mustang Convertible my Dad bought me for my 16th birthday in 1974. Thank you, Rhonda


For me, it was a 1967 Plymouth Valiant with a slant 6 engine. The thing was rusted out, but the engine was good. Would have run if I put sand in the carburator, but a friend used old highway signs to make those repairs, then I scrubbed her out and drove myself back and forth to college. I was so proud of that car. Paid for it myself, like 300 bucks or so. Thanks for the memories. Mindy

Elizabeth Wunsch

Oh my God, the days of my light blue Plymouth Sport Fury. The blue Bomb. 2 doors.I l laughed with joyful remembrance through your blog post.David, Thank you for the joy!


I love talking about cars, although I would never lift the back end and spend money on wide tires! My first car was a Corvair (remember? "Unsafe at any speed") which I named "Corrigan" after "Wrong Way Corrigan" because that described my driving perfectly! It was a standard shift and I remember the day I caused a long traffic jam because the light was on a slight hill and I couldn't get out of the intersection...

Myranette Robinson

The rule in my house was, we will buy you a car when you finish college. So that car was a Mazda GLC in tan. The car I hung out the most in during high
school was my best friend's Ford Fairlane 500, a hand me down from her brother. Ooh if that car could talk...

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