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Marilee Lasch

I am not sure who said it, but the comment was made after WW111 we will all go back to living in caves and writing our stories on the walls. May we never get to that point, and hopefully we can tell stories about this administration in 2020 of being outvoted, and smile again.

Marian Nance

Hmmm. I think everything has a story. Your imaginary"long time ago" story is happening now. It's stories of love hate, fear, laughter, jealousy, betrayal, optimism,, cheating, lying, the weather and just about everything. The same old stuff that happens century after century. They are stories in the making as you say that "bind and connect us." They make us feel good, they make us think critically; they teach and record history. The question is will they be "Fake" stories or Folk stories.

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