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Debbie Rowe

Poor Iris! I'm so glad you found her when you did! I agree Mario. Pets are an integral part of many families and they definitely provide fodder for good stories!

Lori Gonzalez

Fur babies are the best! Adorable and warm, and often very, very funny.

Kathy Nakagawa

Oh my gosh! If there hadn't been a cat picture at the top I would not have known until well into paragraph 2 that you were talking about your fur babies. I can totally imagine Iris mewing from the refrigerator and I'm so relieved she responded to your shaking the treats and wasn't trapped too long in the cold!


I have many versions of the same story. Pets are ridiculous and such a joy! Cats in particular. They make no sense and they know it. It's like the ultimate definition of chaotic neutral.

Julie Peterson

Your pets are probably telling stories, too. My goddaughter's mom was a manager at Borders Books, and she often asked me to write goofy little poems for their staff meetings. One month they were actually written by our two cats and just transcribed by me.

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