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Marian Giannatti

Well said, Mr. Goldman. I love hearing personal stories that make me realize that "I'm, not the only one who feels that way!" When I tell a story and I hear listeners say, "Oh, my goodness, that reminds me of the time . . . " I know I've been successful. Relatable stories beget more stories - and that's what it's all about!

Kathy Nakagawa

Thank you for this encouraging post! I like how you used the idea of crucible to discuss the storyteller's dilemma of wanting to tell a "weighty" story but not feeling like we have one to tell. But when I think about the personal stories that resonate for me, they aren't ones where big things have happened, they're usually some smaller unexpected insight--just as you describe!


I love it and how you explained it in your blog. Thank you for this visual picture you painted for our storytelling tool boxes.


You remind us that our stories can be simple things from our lives that others can relate to. Great description using the crucible.

K Sheffield

This is so true, and so well put! The real "crucible" is finding the universal in any story, whether an "I shot the sheriff" kind (I love that line!) or the "I shot a picture of my breakfast to post on Facebook" kind. Once we've found that we've linked ourselves, our story and our audience into something truly and uniquely human. Thanks for reminding us of something so important.

Sandra Scott

Beautifully written Mark. I loved your paragraph about sharing widespread, common emotions. You hit the nail right on the head. It’s how we make connections and come to understand each other. In a world of personalized technology, we all need that!

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