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You are not alone in balking at gender stereotypes. But I have not yet had the courage to tell my story "Not All Women Should Be Mothers" I think you just gave me the courage to craft and tell that personal story. Dangerous stuff indeed! Thank you.


Telling stories is a radical act - precisely because stories only work when they tell the truth. I love the way you call this out.

I also love your honesty and your capacity to name things as they really are. Your calling out of stereotypes as prescriptive, rather than descriptive, is beautiful and made me stop to think about beliefs and society.

Stories are descriptive and connective. They bring us together and allow us to touch on the deeper realities that reside within each of us. I have so much appreciation for the stories you have shared. You are gifted with radical honesty and I love the way you use that gift in this blog. Thank you, Nirit!


Excellent insight regarding this realm and giving the reading something to ponder.

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