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Myranette Robinson

I love the beauty of this post. Even though I don't have children, I always have thought of childbirth as sacred. The definition that I most feel in tune with is-set apart. In reading it for class, I remembered that I was taught that in a bible study class. I now feel comfortable using the word sacred in anything that I choose to set apart.

Marian Giannatti

Beautifully written. As an adoptive mother - I felt the awe that you describe, yet in a very different way. Awe that someone would choose to give life to a child that they couldn't raise. Awe that they chose me to be the mother of their child. Awe that i was given the opportunity that otherwise would have been denied. Always a miracle - and a sacred bond was formed. Thank you for reminding me . . .

Nirit Simon

I tend to think of childbirth in more clinical terms. And I tend to think of babies as small versions of the adults they will one day become. Yet every time I listen to someone tell about their witnessing of a birth, I feel very moved and can't help but tear up. Weird. Maybe there is something primal going on here.

Elizabeth Wunsch

The definition of sacred varies for everyone and that is the beauty of it all. Your connection to the sacredness of your newborn is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


You have come to the center of what I have learned in this class. Sacred is a very, very personal thing.

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