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Wow! What a revelation. Good thing to know and remember to stay active and healthy. I cannot think of anything worse than losing one's memories. They are what our stories are made of!


I was really struck with the concept of "sacred patience". A lovely word pairing that will stay with me - may I have sacred patience with myself as well as with others.

My mother has Alzheimer's and I greatly appreciate your taking me on this journey with you. One of the gifts of storytelling is to hear that we are not alone. Thank you for this sharing.

Myranette Robinson

Thank you for your story. The sharing of this type of information is empowering, not only for yourself, but for others who think their is no one going through this. Thanks again. Elizabeth.

Mike Blackstone

In a way, I was inspired from your first use of the word sacred. It gave a wholly different feel to your entire story, weaving sacredness throughout as you did. I could feel that all these relationships and interactions were sacred and part of a familial privilege in taking beautiful care of the elder ones we love and cherish. Thank you, Elizabeth!

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