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Elizabeth Wunsch

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing these moments.he image of the shoe boxes full of letters is wonderful!


You do a lovely job of looking at the various elements of trust, permission, and ownership. Seeing how you work through this with your story, provides an excellent example of how we can all use various concepts as ways to deepen our understanding of both story and storytelling. This blog demonstrates how to tell a good story both ethically and well.


Thank you for sharing and I loved reading your story. You are a very gifted person in many aspects-


Wow Sally! That is powerful, and must have had a healing effect for you.

Nirit Simon

Nice post, Sally! I like the way you broke this topic down into specific areas and then discussed each one of them in the context of your story. This helps me consider trust, permission, and ownership more carefully for my next story. Thanks!


Great blog Sally. I remember hearing your story. I like the way you discuss how you had to use the same language your mother used or it wouldn't be her. I agree with Nirit. You broke it down well.

Mike Blackstone

I especially noticed, with appreciation, that I never once saw the word forgiveness in your post. You came across as having transcended beyond into acceptance. Wayne Dyer's final book, his memoirs, entitled, If I Knew Then What I Know Now, speaks highly of getting to that point. And whenever I have myself, it feels so much more freeing. I express my admiration of you for getting to what seems a very personally healthy place in relationship with your mother. And the shoe box was great. Thank you for the story, Sally!

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