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Thank you for providing me with such a vivid picture as I read your blog.

Elizabeth Wunsch

Amazing how something perceived as difficult can actually be a gift to all, providing recognition of a deeper situation.Truth. Beautiful post.

Nirit Simon

I really appreciate what you said about how "there is no deceit or lies in autism." I work with some young adults who are on the autism spectrum, and I find that spending time with them is often my favorite part of the day. I, too, appreciate their guilelessness. It is very refreshing. Perhaps this way of interacting without subterfuge is one of the gifts that autism brings to our world. Thank you for sharing about this.


Great blog Emily. I enjoyed reading about your passion for working with autistic kids. They deserve caregivers like you, that are working for their best interest. Passion is what stood out, and it comes through in your words.

Myranette Robinson

Thank you for sharing this on your post. I've never had the experience of this in my life, but I'm learning from this.

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