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I was struck by Chrissy's idea that "the divine is in the ordinary." Creativity is a profoundly divine act. When we create a story we consecrate the events, elevating them and giving them importance. Great stories are often dedicated to making the world a better place. They help people see "the divine in the ordinary," becoming aware that everything is holy and that it is our stories that give things meaning. I appreciated the story that was included in this blog and the way that Chrissy caused me to stop and think about the relationships between creativity, divinity, consecration, and holiness.

Elizabeth Wunsch

Excellent post Chrissy. When we let go of the exterior and look into the eyes of a being we surpass the ordinary and witness the divine.

Nancy Wolter

What a wonderful story that makes one laugh at how silly we can be to worship the exterior when the truth of ourselves, our divinity, is always interior.Just like you to find a way to illustrate a simple truth.

Nancy Wolter


I love that Mullah story too. My mother used to be so irritated at church goers who got all dressed up to go to church on Sunday but ignored the needs of their neighbors all week. The divine is in our actions, not our clothing...

Myranette Robinson

The divine is in the ordinary!! I see this in the blessings of things we may take for granted: waking up,walking and your heart beating. Thank you for reminding us that life itself is a miracle!

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